Sheriff’s Office

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office strives to maintain the highest standards of excellence utilizing training and technology to create a safe environment for the citizens of Mason County and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


The Mason County Sheriff’s Office will strive to fulfill the Duties and Responsibilities of the Sheriff’s office through service, integrity, and professionalism. The Sheriff’s Office will promote public safety utilizing partnerships to:

A) Prevent, reduce, and deter crime and the fear of crime;

B) Enhance highway safety through education and enforcement and

C) Safeguard property and protect individual rights. The Mason County Sheriff and his Deputies are duly sworn law enforcement officers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky authorized for arrest powers.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Personnel shall enforce all local, state, and federal laws utilizing these powers.

Sherriff Patrick Boggs

Patrick Boggs

120 West Third Street
Maysville, Kentucky 41056

Phone: (606) 564-3309
Emergency call 911
Fax: (606) 564-8676