Agenda – February 9, 2021



February 9, 2021

9:00 a.m.



1.         Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

2.         Appointment of Acting Clerk

3.         Roll Call

4.         Clerk’s Notice of Vacancy in Office of Judge Executive

5.         Resolution 20-21: A Resolution Electing and Authorizing Commissioner to Perform Duties of Judge Executive

6.        Approval of Minutes

A. January 12, 2021

7.        Road Department Report

8.        Animal Shelter Report

9.       Sheriff’s Office Report

10.        Landfill Report

11.        Recycling Report

12.        Solid Waste Report

13.        Detention Center Report

A. Southern Health Partners Agreement

14. Treasurer’s Report

A. Electronic Signatures

15. Mason County Public Properties

16.        New Business

            A.   Executive Order 21-02: Emergency to Replace Oak Woods Road Bridge

            B.   Resolution 21-02: CDBG-CV Coronavirus Response Utility Assistance Program

            C.   Resolution 21-03: Authorizing Buffalo Trace ADD as Administrator of CDBG-CV Coronavirus Response Utility Assistance Program

            D.   Buffalo Trace Search and Rescue

            E.   Surplus Property

            F.    Permit Report

15.        Other

16.        Old Business

17.        Communication from Judge/Executive and Commissioners

18.        Adjournment