Agenda – December 15, 2020



December 15, 2020

9:00 a.m.



I.          Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

II.          Roll Call

III.         Approval of Minutes

            A.   November 10, 2020

IV.        Introduction of Guests

V.         Road Department Report

VI.        Animal Shelter Report

VII.       Sheriff’s Office Report

            A.   2021 Budget

VIII.       Landfill Report

IX.        Recycling Center

X.         Solid Waste Reports

XI.        Detention Center Report

XII.       Treasurer’s Report

XIII.       Mason County Public Properties

IVX.      New Business

            A.   County Clerk 2021 Budget

            B.   Second Reading – Ordinance 20-05: Detox Facility Zoning Text Amendments

            C.   First Reading – Ordinance 20-06: Zoning Map Amendment

            D.   Resolution 20-13: Modernization of Kentucky’s Transportation Funding Mechanisms

            E.   2021 Holiday Schedule                   

            F.   Arts Commission

                  1.   Reappointment of Laurie Watt – 4 years – term expiration: 01/01/2025

                  2.   Reappointment of Robert Roe – 4 years – term expiration: 01/01/2025

            G.   Ethics Board – 4 years – term expiration: 01/01/2025

            H.   Western-Lewis-Rectorville Water & Gas – reappointment of Joe Gantley

                  4 years – term expiration: 01/01/2025

            I.    Harp Enterprises – Voting Machines

            J.   Surplus Property

            K.   Permit Report

VX.       Other

VXI.      Old Business

XVII.     Communication from Judge/Executive and Commissioners

XVIII.    Adjournment